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Hi, I'm Airah Mei! Thanks for visiting my page.


​My journey with photography started with taking photos of people I know and of still nature. After understanding how a camera works and years of learning, I have moved to working with models and non models. I want to capture candid moments, and I am a fan of past style, the secretiveness and reverie is what I want to show.  I keep an eye not only at the person but also at composition, structure and detail. Once you start seeing the world in pictures, you frame things with your eyes with a higher consciousness of your surroundings.  I am always seeking out experiences that create inspiration, exploration, that give rise to the creative process and result in more iconic, evocative images. Movement, emotion, rhythm are expressions of life and this is what I want with my photography. 

I've been published to Cynical Magazine 3x , Gilded Magazine 2x, Surreal Beauty Magazine and Dark Beauty Magazine (4x) . Won Child photo competition 

Based in the Northwest Suburbs St. Charles IL, 60174

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